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Stage Emcee
Emcee is a phonetic abbreviation of the phrase Master Ceremonies. Emcee is also known by its initials “M.C.”.  The emcee is similar to the circus ringmaster, whose role is to introduce various acts of the event and guide the program to a climactic conclusion.The professional emcee works the crowd from start to finish. When an event starts, a good emcee establishes stage presence and positive energy that sets the tone for a comfortable event. An emcee script can include comedy, dance, and call-and-response activities that results in the audience hearing themselves. At live events, a proper sound system will determine how well a Master of Ceremonies will emcee love events. Volume and room acoustics play a factor in the audience hearing a stage emcee loud and clear. Before taping a television show, many times the audience feels a bit nervous around the massive amount of cameras. Despite many of them sitting behind the lights and cameras, audience members can still have stage fright. Never fully connecting with the audience is a stage emcee’s most painful experience. This happens when the emcee forgets to introduce themselves at the start of the event. The trick to being a professional stage emcee is mastering eye contact, presence, and the audience hearing you loud and clear.
Event Emcee
The professional emcee sets the tone for an informative, engaging, and entertaining event. As an event host, one’s duties involve making sure audience members are experiencing and comprehending all aspects of a corporate event. This includes crowd warmup, guiding of the run of show, and promotion of the keynote speakers to come.The event mc and event planners of a corporate event work together to make sure all aspects run smoothly. This ensures all audience members and virtual event attendees are left with a memorable and inclusive experience. Since the pandemic, the role of host has evolved. Running an event now means event hosts have to engage those in person and those video conferencing. Since in person events now include virtual guests, a professional has to make sure the hybrid event is inclusive to anyone attending the best way they can.
Event Host
An event host oversees guests at functions like ceremonies, corporate conferences, banquets, and private parties.They help prepare and facilitate events, ensuring all aspects run smoothly that day. On the mic, an event host welcomes guests, moderates questions and answers, and works with support staff behind the scenes.

Mike Oulton the event host is a Master of Ceremonies who delivers information and guides event attendees through the run of show.The job description also includes crowd engagement, Voice of God, and timeline management with corporate event planners.

Mike Oulton is the highest rated of event hosts in Vancouver, BC. Whether he is called the Emcee, MC, Master of Ceremonies, the job remains the same: to engage with energy while boosting morale and retention.

Meet Our Top-Rated MC Entertainer

Our professional event host work with you to run a unforgettable Wedding Program consisting of Musicians, Magicians, Comedians, Games and more!

Mike Oulton is an award-winning MC who has performed for over 1000+ corporate and private events.

Clients are saying WOW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5 based on 21 reviews WeddingWire

The Amazing Mike

"Mike basically ran our wedding last week with not only the best tunes but with his fun, personable and caring manner. The best review I can give and have also received, is the amount of positive comments about Mike after the event was over. The best one was “Is Mike a friend of yours?” This is because it WAS like Mike was our best friend. He knew all of our guests names, he listened to us so well, he got to know our crowd, he was hilarious and professional all at the same time and he is just a good human. We have been reminiscing about how the night flowed so well and this is all because of Mike! He is the bomb!!"


Married on June 30, 2022

Our Featured Wedding Programs

Select a wedding program from one of our most popular packages or create your own program by choosing from a selection of entertainment experiences.


A super fun MC *only package for groups of all sizes. (We give away about $100 dollars in prizes)
  • Exciting party games and prizes custom to your event
    Party planning consultations to assist you in planning your event
  • Professional touch of an experienced MC
    $100 cash giveaway to a guest
    and More!


The ultimate professional entertainment package for groups of all sizes.
  • Award-Winning DJ
    Elegant DJ set-up with lights and up-lighting
    Ceremonial DJ
    Includes all gear, no add-ons
  • Music consultation from a professional DJ
    No time limits for DJ services
    DJ Request Forms
    and More!


The most fun MC/DJ package in all of Vancouver. This will make your special day unforgettable for your guests.
  • Award-Winning DJ
    Jaw dropping magic interactions
    A free video add-on
    $100 cash giveaway to a guest
    DJ set-up with lights, up-lighting
    Ceremonial DJ
  • T-shirt(s) giveaway
    Exciting party games and prizes custom to your event
    Professional touch of an experience MC
    $100 cash giveaway to a guest
    and More!


"They brought and set-up wonderful fairytale props and put out unexpected decor on the day. They worked with all of our vendors on the set-up and really felt like part of the team. Our wedding wouldn't have been nearly as special or as fun without them. Highly recommend!"


Married on June 18, 2022

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Best DJ ever
We Had Mike MC and DJ our wedding in 2014 and he was so amazing, her very professional but also very relax easy to talk to and get along with.
Vanessa D.
5.0 / 5.0

Amazing duo!
Mike and Kel were an amazing team for our wedding. Kel's magic throughout the day was a real delight for kids and adults.

Keri V.
5.0 / 5.0

Hands Down The Best!
I can’t say enough good things. Our guests were entertained, laughing and having the best time.

Gallia P.
5.0 / 5.0

ACDJ was absolutely amazing!
I hired mike with ACDJ to MC and DJ my wedding it was honestly the best decision I ever made.

Kaylie A.
5.0 / 5.0

Amazing DJ
Mike was amazing! He helped to make our wedding unforgettable! I still have guests asking me to do it all again because it was so much fun!

Dominique I.
5.0 / 5.0

Hiring Mike as our DJ/MC was one of the best decisions we made regarding our wedding!

Kylie G.
5.0 / 5.0

This guy rocks!
Mike from ACDJ is amazing! He was professional, efficient, and hella fun! He had our guests at the edge of their seats the whole night and there was no shortage of laughter

Enzo M.
5.0 / 5.0

Want the BEST DJ? Here he is.
It may sound exaggerated, but Mike @ ACDJ truly made our wedding.

Tanya A.
5.0 / 5.0

Mike was amazing, beyond amazing.
He is so fun, has such a great personality and truly is the perfect fit into a wedding party.

Krystal I.
5.0 / 5.0

Mike was awesome! 
Wow! What a talent. Would recommend ACJD to anyone who wants to have a great wedding. Thanks Guys!

Kylie M.
5.0 / 5.0

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